As a follow up to our recent blog post, Steptoe published a detailed advisory on President’s Trump’s October 13, 2017 announcement that his administration would take a new strategic approach with regard to Iran and that he “cannot and will not” continue to make at least one of the periodic certifications regarding the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA, or Iranian nuclear deal) called for by US law.  The announcement, which was accompanied by a White House fact sheet, marked the culmination of a nine-month, comprehensive review designed to address several policy concerns regarding Iran, such as Iranian support for terror groups, human rights violations, and development of ballistic missiles, as well as the country’s nuclear program.  Although President Trump’s announcement and decision on JCPOA certification could have substantial ramifications in the future for the JCPOA (and US sanctions relief under the JCPOA), this action has little immediate effect on the existing US sanctions framework against Iran.

For more information, please see our advisory.